Amazon Echo Plus Review

Amazon Echo has been upgraded to the Amazon Echo Plus! It can connect to more Wi-Fi based products and more..

Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers are great for listening to music, but they are also extremely useful for controlling smart home gadgets with just your voice. So it’s no surprise then that Amazon’s new Echo Plus leans into smart home control with the ability to directly connect a variety of smart home gadgets.

The $150 Echo Plus is almost identical to the first Echo released three years ago, but its built-in ZigBee hub lets it control gadgets such as lights, connected outlets, and smart locks without needing a separate hub to do so. The Echo Plus makes it very easy to get smart gadgets up and running in your home, which can be a laborious process with other systems. Amazon has also added improved smart home controls to its Alexa smartphone apps, which allow you to group devices into rooms and run automated routines with them.

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