GOOD NEWS STORY: Selfie with a Celebrity

So when you get the opportunity to take a selfie with your favorite celebrity, you don’t want people messing it up!

Well, that’s what almost happened to a fan of Matthew Broderick, when he bumped into the star in Montauk (Long Island), NY.

He asked for a photo with his daughter, but Matthew’s friend kept getting into the frame.  The unnamed man politely asked Matthew’s friend to step out of the photo a couple of times, and then finally got the photo he wanted.

When he returned to his car, the rest of the family was beside themselves.  Check out the photo and see if you can figure out who the photo bombing friend was.

MB and JS

(hint: Yadda Yadda Yadda)

click here for a link to the rest of the story from GOOD NEWS NETWORK

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