Is Your Pup Been On the Naughty or Nice List This Year?

This morning on the Hits Hot Breakfast, Jason and Jenny talked this survey done by Pet IQ regarding dogs and their placement on the nice and the naughty lists. The good news is that most dogs have been good this year. We’re guessing it’s mostly the destructive puppies that made the naughty side. What has your dog destroyed in 2016?

A new survey by Pet IQ reveals that 76% of pet owners believe their dog is on Santa’s NICE List this year while 24% say their dog is on Santa’s NAUGHTY List. Other findings:

– 17% of dog owners say their dog loves to eat turkey and pie during the holidays.
– 23% of pet owners say their dog likes to dash through the snow.
– 61% of people would rather kiss their dog than their partner under the mistletoe.

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