National Pet Day Trending…

– 80% of couples discuss pets before getting engaged (The Knot)
– A survey by reveals that 89% of pet owners treat their pets to human snacks.
– 8% of people started dating someone as a result of a chance meeting of two pets (Playbuzz)
– 45% of people throw birthday parties for their pets (More Than Pet Insurance)
– 8% of pets have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page (More Than Pet Insurance)
– 65% of people feature their pets on their social media profiles. (
– 29% of people have more pictures of their pet than family or friends on their social media profiles. (
– A survey by the pet camera maker Petcube reveals that 84% of pet owners show more affection to their pet than to their partner
– A survey by the makers of the new video game The Sims 3 Pets reveals that one in eight men have used their pet to help themselves find a date.

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