Official Contest Rules

In the interest of fair play for everyone, here are the general contest rules for Hits 95.9. The winner’s exclusion period is 45 days for prizes valued at less than $250.00 and 90 days for prizes valued at $250.00 or more. Exclusion from one level does not affect eligibility in the other. Any exclusion applies only to the Regional Radio Group station which generated the exclusion condition and has no bearing on eligibility on any other Regional Radio Group owned or controlled stations. Exclusion applies to winners, their immediate families and their households. All prizes are non-transferable. Families of Regional Radio Group, its affiliates and sponsors are not eligible to win WCQL contests.

Sponsor exclusion applies to owners, partners, and agents. Prizes must be redeemed within 30 days or less if specified or they may be forfeited. Substitutions are not allowed. website contest registrations are limited to one-per-day-per-person. Regional Radio Group reserves the right with just cause to disqualify any individual from taking part in any WCQL contest or promotion.

To be an eligible registrant for the monthly Glens Falls Heating Oil Giveaway, you must OWN (or rent a house or apartment that has) a fuel tank on premises. Registrant MUST also live within 30 miles of Glens Falls, NY 12801. Prize is non-transferable. Limit one-entry per household. 

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