Local 95


Local 95 airs Sunday nights from 9:00p-10:35p, featuring 95 minutes of the best local music with your host, Jason Irwin!

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Send CD and contact information to:

Hits 95.9
Attn: Local 95/Jason Irwin
238 Bay Road
Queensbury, NY 12804

Or…submit digitally (actually, preferred!) Email an MP3 or audio file as an email attachment. Send to jasonirwinrock@gmail.com. One file per email please, and if you are sending a lot of songs or an album, use a download link. Email a DOWNLOAD LINK to your music to jasonirwinrock@gmail.com. Sending a download link to your music is easy…use a free file transfer site like: www.wetransfer.com or a free cloud storage site like  www.dropbox.com.

Some “suggestions” for submissions…

It’s a LOCAL music show. Local for us is the greater Glens Falls region. But if you have ties to the area, or perform live in the area, we can probably include you. Can’t hurt to submit. Local 95 primarily showcases original music, but will also feature cover, live, and flashback tracks! If submitting a full album, please suggest a track/single for airplay consideration. Be sure to include band/artist name, album name, track listing, contact name, email, website, and where the band/artist is from. You may include a brief bio, upcoming show list, album release dates too. Please no second-party submissions, with exception granted to artist management.

All styles of music will be considered for airplay, but the format of the station in general will be a determining factor (Death metal…love it -but probably not.) Absolutely no profanity in your song, it will be discarded immediately (even “bleeped” songs aren’t ideal…send clean music please…this is radio.) We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be played on-air.

For digital submissions, recommended format is MP3 encoded at 320kbs. We can take any file type though.


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