Petition for Snapchat Gets One Million Signatures

Have you signed the latest petition?

One million signatures have signed the latest petition to get the “old” version of Snapchat back.

Snapchat user, Nic Rumsey, set up a petition to have Snapchat change the newest update back to its original form. The latest update has users swipe left to see and interact with their friends and swipe right of branded content.

Rumsey wrote,

Some are using Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps – which use servers abroad to mask the location of a device – in order to access the older version of the platform: “That’s how annoying this update has become,” he said.

“Many ‘new features’ are useless or defeat the original purposes Snapchat has had for the past years.”

Even celebrities have voiced their issues with the newest update. Model Chrissie Teigen tweeted,

Followers no longer felt like “friends.”

The users who are going through a six step process to get the old style have been advised against it. Snapchat Support said that it can result in getting permanently locked out of your account losing memories.

What do you think of the newest Snapchat update?

Source: BBC News

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