If you missed today’s “PICK OF THE LITTER” from The SPCA of Upstate New York, here’s what you missed:
Socks (Camera Shy Kitty)
For whatever the reason Socks was found living outside on his own, all alone,he was kindly taken in and found his way to us, Socks is only about 6 months old, for what he may or may not have been through in his short life he has a nice personality, socks has a great black and white short hair coat of which he keeps very shiny! This little guy doesn’t mind being held and
he loves to be pet, Socks would be great for a family who’s looking for a older kitten to welcome into their home. Socks has been neutered and is current on all his routine vaccinations.
Rosie (Photo Shy Puppy)
Rosie came to the shelter at a mere 6 weeks of age, now she is just 10 weeks old Rosie was not the only pup,she came with her siblings all looking to be rescued by families, Rosie is a boxer mix, brown coat with the black mask but tail included , Rosie is a very playful pup, requiring exercise and play time, she is smart so in time she could be taught many things, and she gets along well with other dogs. Rosie is patiently awaiting for a family to rescue her and give her that forever home she deserves! Rosie has been spayed and is current on all her routine vaccinations.
Thanks to Warren Tire Service Center of Upstate New York for helping us present THE PICK OF THE LITTER
Remember that all the information about all of the animals that available for adoption is at www.spcauny.org

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