Podcast of the January 21st, 2018 edition of Local 95!

Hits 95.9FM “Local 95” playlist for Sunday January 21, 2018:
Brought to you this week by: Hits 95.9FM and 518Rock.com

+Drew Wardle “It Won’t Do” Queensbury NY NY
+Tom Cardella “Two By Two” Hadley NY
+Ryan Clark “The Way That You Move” Queensbury NY
+Jeff Sohn “Make it Right” Albany NY
+Arch Fiends “Modest Proposal” Glens Falls NY

+Jessica Jenks “Tallk” Grenwich NY
+Glenn Kelly “Antivirus” Albany NY
+Will Foley “Cold October” Clifton Park NY
+Grassroots Rebels “Here it Comes” Albany NY

+The Erotics “Ain’t Talkin’ to You” Albany NY
+Oakheart “Fragment” Glens Falls NY
+Between Now and Forever “My Sanity” Glens Falls/Capital Region NY / Bennington VT

+Dustin Sawyer “Momma’s Boy” Mayfield NY
+Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band “Cut Out My Toungue” Glens Falls NY
+The LateShift “Bro Song (The Bro Song)” Albany NY
+We’re History “You Are the Party” Glens Falls NY
+Metaverse “Julius Caesar” Hudson NY

+Eric Lewis “Pass One Down” Albany NY
+The Escape “The World As I See It”
+Frank Palangi “Set Me Free” Queensbury NY

+ New addition
* Special segment

“Local 95” features 95 minutes of local music from the Glens Falls area, North Country, and Capital Region, and airs every Sunday night at 9:00pm on Hits 95.9FM Queensbury NY. Hosted by Jason Irwin. Info, live stream and podcasts at www.hits959.com

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