Podcast of the June 18th edition of Local 95!

Hits 95.9FM “Local 95” playlist for Sunday June 18, 2017:
Brought to you this week by: Hits 95.9FM and 518Rock.com

+Citizen’s Treasure “She’s In Love With The OK” Whitehall NY
Sobgoblin “This is a Robbery” Glens Falls NY
+Ryan Clark “In Her Heart” Queensbury NY
+Hasty Page “Colorblind” Queensbury NY
*+Local 95 Double Take: Hasty Page “Lower Light” Queensbury NY

+Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band “Below or Above” Glens Falls NY
+KDD “Dead Inside” Bennington VT
+My Last Mile “Seaside” Saratoga Springs NY
+Joseph Beaty “Drawn to Fade” Glens Falls NY
+Sandy McKnight & The Idea “Fiona” Lee, MA

Candy Ambulance “People are Deceitful” Glens Falls NY
Phillips Head “8-Day Weekend” Glens Falls NY
+Doug Irving “I Ain’t Leavin'”

Arch Fiends “Abomiable Bride” Glens Falls NY
+Brush With Death “My Love” Glens Falls NY
Cats Don’t Have Souls “Worlock” (Skinny Puppy cover) Albany NY
The Skenesborough Renegades “Funk” Whitehall NY
Alicia Bautista “Another Light” Queensbury NY
Sly Fox and the Hustlers “Let Me Down Easy” Albany NY

The Erotics “We’re Never Alright” Albany NY
Moriah Formica “Slave” Albany NY
Mournin’ Dove “A Day Like No Other” Saratoga Springs NY

+ New addition
* Special segment

“Local 95” features 95 minutes of local music from the Glens Falls area, North Country, and Capital Region, and airs every Sunday night at 9:00pm on Hits 95.9FM Queensbury NY. Hosted by Jason Irwin. Info, live stream and podcasts at www.hits959.com

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