Podcast of the November 2018 edition of Local 95!

Hits 95.9FM “Local 95” playlist for November 2018
Brought to you this week by: Hits 95.9FM and 518Rock.com

*Triple Full album special:

+Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band: Wolves Among Sheep
“Teeth and Eyes”
“Blood, Grain, Cocaine”
“Five Knives”
[segment break] +Paradox Saints: Post-Script
“Shoot out the Sun”
“Tomorrow’s Dream of Yesterday”
“Refugee Blues”
“Never Wanted”
“Just Like a Dream”
[segment break] “Refugee Blues (reprised)”
“Angel for Life”
[segment break] +PJ Duo: Simply Strangers
“Ball of Crazy”
“Bamski Baby”
“The Road Life Takes You On”
[segment break] “Check Again”
“Passion Police”
“Some Left”
“Accepted Wrong”

+ New addition
* Special segment

“Local 95” features 95 minutes of local music from the Glens Falls area, North Country, and Capital Region, and airs every Sunday night at 9:00pm on Hits 95.9FM Queensbury NY. Hosted by Jason Irwin. Info, live stream and podcasts at www.hits959.com

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