Podcast of the Sunday January 8th, 2017 edition of Local 95

Hits 95.9FM “Local 95” playlist for Sunday January 8, 2017:
Brought to you this week by: Hits 95.9FM and 518Rock.com

*Local 95 Full EP Special: Iudica “Brain Carvings EP
+Iudica “Artie the B*stard” Lake George NY
+Iudica “Brain Carvings” Lake George NY
+Iudica “Chocolate and Parsley” Lake George NY
+Iudica “Circuits” Lake George NY

+Red Shift “Heads or Tails” Glens Falls NY
IRod and the Auxiliary “Good Enough” Glens Falls NY
Phillips Head “8-Day Weekend” Glens Falls NY
+Asa Morris and The Mess “A Way of Losing My Mind” Glens Falls NY

Tom Cardella “Don’t Cook Bacon Naked” Hadley NY
Morica Formica “Slave” Albany NY
+Jessica Jenks “Outlaw Jesse James the Great” Greenwich NY

+Thirsty Bear “If My Wing Would Mend” Glens Falls NY
Animal Math “Sketches of Photosynthesized Forgotten” Wynantskill NY
+Goat Sausage “Jesus” Glens Falls NY
+Talia Denis “What I Believe” Albany NY
*+Local 95 Double Take: Talia Denis “Like This Is The End” Albany NY

+Arch Fiends “Abominable Bride” Glens Falls NY
+The Way Back When “Domergue’s Dance” Lake George NY
+Cats Don’t Have Souls “Worlock” (Skinny Puppy cover) Albany NY

+ New addition
* Special segment

“Local 95” features 95 minutes of local music from the Glens Falls area, North Country, and Capital Region, and airs every Sunday night at 9:00pm on Hits 95.9FM Queensbury NY. Hosted by Jason Irwin. Info, live stream and podcasts at www.hits959.com

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