Shoe Made Out of Recycled Gum

Have you ever wondered what happened to your gum after you spit it out on the street or stick it under that park bench? Well if you’re from over across the ocean in Amsterdam, your gum could have been used to create a shoe that is made out of recycled gum.

According to the project, Gumdrop, 3.3 million pounds of gum makes it way into he pavements of Amsterdam which causes millions of dollars in clean up. The managing director, Anna Bullus, of the project says,

We discovered gum is made from synthetic rubber. And by breaking down these properties, we are able to create a new type of rubber.

The idea of the shoe came about to reduce waste and litter in the city. Jonathan Van Loon, a spokesperson for the collaboration said in an email to The Verge

We started looking for a way to make people aware of this problem […] That’s when the idea began to create a product people actually want from something no one cares about. The compounds are as strong as normal rubber and even smell of gum — minus all the stickiness.

2.2 pounds of gum is used for every four pairs of shoes.

They hope the Gumshoe will be able to expand the project to other major cities to introduce an easier and more sustainable way for people to get rid of their chewing gum.

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