Take HER out to the BALLGAME!

Gabi DiMarco, we at the HITS HOT BREAKFAST salute YOU!

Gabi was recently at a San Diego Padres game with friends when a foul ball came in her direction.  She had her cellphone in one hand, and her beer in the other.  WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO!  She wasn’t going to drop the expensive cell phone, and everybody knows that the beer at the ballpark doesn’t come cheap either.

(Above: Gabi DiMarco with her foul ball)

(Above: Gabi DiMarco with her foul ball)


So Gabi did what any self-respecting baseball fan would do!  She caught the foul ball with her BEER!  Then, to the delight and amusement of the fans in San Diego (and the Internet), Gabi chugged the beer WITH the baseball INSIDE of it!

click here for the complete story from CBS

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