This Morning On The Hits Hot Breakfast — Puppies, Parrots & Driving.

Jason and Jenny covered two stories in the Official Weird News Newscast this morning with a common theme — distracted driving.

Metro UK claims the Kent, England police recently cited a driver for driving with a parrot on his steering wheel. The man was returning the parrot to his owner when cops stopped him and charged him with not being in proper control of a vehicle. The police tweeted: ‘We never thought we would have to say this. However, based on our earlier tweet, or should that be squawk, parrots are for perches and not for steering wheels.’

In other, but somewhat similar news, a Davis County, Utah woman recently crashed into a sheriff’s SUV. The woman was playing with her puppy when she swerved into an oncoming lane and slammed into the SUV. The woman was cited for unsafe lane travel and negligent collision.

Let both of these stories serve as a reminder to keep your pets away from the drivers seat and when possible, in a pet carrier.

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