Top Foods That Break New Years Resolution Diets for Men and Women

If you’re like mostly people, part of your New Years Resolution plan is to shed a few pounds. This morning Jason and Jenny talked about the findings from a survey conducted by Asda (see below) on the topic of New Year’s diets and the things that tend to break them. May be something to consider when you’re trying to stick to yours!

A seasonal survey by Asda reveals that the average New Year’s diet will last just 3 weeks and 4 days. Other findings:

– 20% of people will cheat on their diet with chocolate.
– 14% of people end their diet once they go on vacation.
– 10% of people abandon their diet at some point during the weekend.
– Top foods women break their diet with: chocolate, wine, cheese, potato chips and cake
– Top foods men break their diet with: cola, beer, chocolate, wine, cheese and pizza

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