Ken Leccese

Favorite TV Shows –   Don’t really have a favorite show, but I like to watch the Travel Channel, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Golf Channel, and Big 10 Network

Favorite Movie – Back to the Future

Favorite Solo Musician or Group – Huey Lewis and The News

Favorite Foods –  NY style pizza, shrimp, pasta, peanut butter and anything chocolate

Things on my bucket list (in no particular order) – Golf the Old Course at St.Andrews Scotland.  Travel to Australia and watch an Australian Rules Football game in person. Provide the voice for a character in an animated cartoon, and lastly meet someone from the opposite sex and grow old together.

Favorite sports teams – NY Rangers,  NY Giants,  NY Mets, and Rutgers football

Hobbies –  Playing Golf, Cooking, Gardening, and watching sports

My secret crushes –  ESPN’s Linda Cohn, Heather Childers news anchor on Fox News, and Jacqui Jeras from the The Weather Channel

One thing I shouldn’t tell anyone about myself but I’m telling anyway that I might regret later on – I took ballroom dancing in gym class

Who would you like play you in a movie –  Ryan Reynolds or Matthew McConaughey

Two people living or dead I wish I could meet – Actor Alan Alda and Mets pitcher Tom Seaver.

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy or purchase –  I would endow a scholarship in my parents name at the college where they met

I can be heard from 2 to 7pm weekdays on our sister station 98 Five ‘CKM, and on occasion I work Saturday morning and fill in here on Hits 95 Nine.  During high school football, basketball, and hockey seasons I do play by play along with John Pratt covering games on Hits 95 Nine and Talk 1450 WWSC.   Finally, I occasionally write a blog called, “In The Box for Two Minutes With Ken Leccese” which can be found on the WCKM website,




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