Young Pete

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Interests: Where to start? I love being outside. You can find me hiking, camping, boating, longboarding, and a lot more. I also enjoy listening to music and DJ’ing. In addition, I love my dog Bella and spending time with my friends and family!

Favorite Concert: Life in Color at the Times Union Center 2015

Favorite TV shows: Bob’s Burger’s and Shameless

Favorite places in hang out on the interwebs: Google and Instagram

Favorite Foods: I have a lot of favorites and I’m always adding to the list, so the best answer would be I dislike seafood and brussel sprouts.


Favorite Games:  Call of Duty Zombies, Guitar Hero, and Need for Speed Underground 2

Nicknames: Pete, Re-Pete, Peeta-Bread, Pistol Pete, and Mr. Wilhelm.

Final Thoughts: Life is short, so do what you love. For me that’s playing your favorite song. I want you to dance, sing, and enjoy life, because if you do, I know I will! Join me weeknights from 7p to Midnight and we’ll laugh, have fun, and listen to your favorite music. Most importantly, Do Greatness!

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